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The commission as Ambassadors of Jesus was given by God to Douglas and Carol Allen in 1976, upon their re-opening of a Salvation Army Outpost at Milton/Ulladulla on the Sth Coast of N.S.W. This involved local Services, travelling for Hospital and Visitation Ministry reaching as far south as Narooma N.S.W., and subsequently being transferred to Pentecostal Fellowship in 1978 under the late Apostle of Pentecost, Philip. B. Duncan, at Petersham AOG. in Sydney. 

A call to return to the N.S.W. Sth Coast was followed by the Laying on of Hands (Ordination) for Pentecostal Ministry in December 1979. The Commission has been carried through the Riverina N.S.W., India, The Philippines, Hong Kong and China, Southern N.S.W., and then to Melbourne Victoria to assist an International Missionary Organisation in Technical Services for a time. In 1991 a Senior Citizens Ministry was commenced bringing worship services to homes and centres, and sharing with Bible College Graduates the practical ministry lessons of 30 years experience in the Kingdom of God. 

1992 brought the clear confirmation of the Lord to incorporate the Ministry so that the principles of God's Word relating to the Accountability and Responsibilities of Kingdom Living, together with the full balanced application of the New Creation Message, may be proclaimed through local churches. (God's pattern of Pastoral Ministry). 

A study of the Biblical Precedents of the Ambassadorial Commission will confront the self-satisfied believer with the question, "What are you doing with what God has given YOU"??? 

Ambassadors of Jesus Inc. seeks to challenge both Shepherd and Saint to repent of their preoccupation with "Quality of Living", Self Preservation, Aloofness and Insularism and return to their "First Love" which results in one thing alone - Sacrificial, Selfgiving, Soul-Searching Service to Saint and Sinner alike - bringing with it the promised Anointing of the Word with Signs and Miracles following. 

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