Sale of Station & Studio Equipment

****20th March 2014 ****
** DEPI / DSE Decision, Closes 20 Years of High Country Christian Broadcasting **
Station Closure
It is with sadness the Station Management wish to advise RTR 94.9FM has closed transmission on the 31st December 2013 after 20 yrs of Broadcasting in the Upper Murray Region.
Our submissions to the Minister of Environment for Re-subdivision of our Mount Mittamatite former Air Services site have been rejected. The DEPI require us to vacate by the 30th January 2015.
So that the Double Brick building and concrete infrastructure can be demolished.

Ambassadors of Jesus & High Country Christian Broadcasters Thank All Who Provided Assistance to help remove all our equipment & aerial installation which also required a truck, on the 11th of January 2014, so the facility could be returned to Air Services Australia for demolition.

This Shutdown of our Mt. Mittamatite facility has also impacted the  Wireless Institute Civil Emergency (WICEN.) VHF Repeater. VK3RNC. Co-sited with RTR94.9FM.

We wish to thank all of our listeners and those who have provided practical and financial support over the years.
Yours Faithfully
Rev. Douglas & Carol Allen
On behalf of High Country Christian Broadcasters Association Inc Corryong Vic.

Sale of Station & Studio Equipment

-- Genuine Enquiries Only to 02-60765051, 0427014935 or aoj@corryong.net --

Transmitters & STL Receivers


2 only Commonwealth Electronics AM17A 500W PA 94Mhz FM Transmitters. 1 only Hyslop 300W SS PA TX.
2 STLink Receivers - 1 only Hyslop 20w Exciter

** Aerial Equipment **

Scalar 4 Bay Loop Dipole Aerial Array with Phasing Harness

Qty. Aerial Feeder Cables



RTR Console

Studio-2 Console Assembly
3x6 & 2x25 Stack Pioneer Multi Disc CD Players. TEC1242 8 Channel Mixer

Hyslop STL

1 only Hyslop 6W Link TX 847Mhz -- (Compressor Limiter now in use at AOJCA Church)

-- Genuine Enquiries Only to 02-60765051, 0427014935 or aoj@corryong.net --