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-- The MICAH 4:2 Church –
E-mail : :  Web:
P.O.Box. 129. Corryong. 3707 Victoria. Australia.   Phone: 02-60762050/51. Fax: 02-60762052.
ACN A00 257 88U :  ABN 92520500557

Food & Grocery Supply Services Available at Cnr. Donaldson St. & Strezleki Way Corryong. 3707 Victoria.
Emergency Times : 10:00am -1:00pm Tuesday to Thursday or by Phone Appointment.


Clothing, Boots & Shoes, Blankets, Linen Bedding Supplies, are Available at the Old Junior School
Building, Hanson St. Corryong.

( Or, Recovery Centre . Rear Entrance from 37 Donaldson St . Corryong.)
10:00am - 1:00pm Tuesday to Thursday or By Appointment

**!!! New Donation of Schutz IBC 1000Ltr Water Pods. Received Friday 22nd May 2020 !!!**

*** Enquires, as Below ***

New Two Door 1400 Ltr. Freezer.(On far Right) Locally Donated 14/01/2020

Thank You to our Many Doners and Supporters

donald thank you

Linen&AdultsClothing&WorkwareBabies&ChildrensSupplies3        Baby&ChildrensSupplies&Toys
Clothing  - Work Clothing - Blanket - Linen - Work Boots & Shoes - Children & Babies Clothing & Supplies
Situated at the Recovery Centre (Old Junior School Main Building) Hanson St.  or Rear Entrance from 37 Donaldson St. Corryong.
Opening Hours : 10:00am - 1pm Tuesday to Thursday or by Appointment.

 Whittlesea Community Tools & Boots Donation. [Now Distributed]

Donated: Mixed Resource = Furniture = Bedding = White Goods

Carpet Donation 1    Carpet Donation 1   Carpet Stock

Commercial Carpet Donation === Modem Constructions Group === Albury   


Corowa Bush Furniture delivers Schutz 1Kltr Water Pods to Colac Colac / Narial Farmers
Schutz IBC Pods Supplied from Bunnings Trade Stores. Wodonga, Albury, Wangaratta.


Would You Like to Assist or Donate to Our Bushfire Relief
Emergency Services Nth East Victoria / Sth East NSW. Region ???

Enquiries to :   or  Corryong FoodShare Services. as below:

Schutz Pods2   Schutz Melbourne   Schutz Pods3

=== Melbourne Dispatch Loaded ===

Schutz Donation Pods   Schutz Pods4   Schutz Pods 5

==== Corryong Arrival & The Heavy Lifters ====

Schutz Pods 6    Schurz Pods 7

===== Ready For Distribution In The Upper Murray Region =====

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